Trouble in Carson City— we’re not talking about the pool hall

Fellow Nevadans,
Last November, Nevada voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. But, the Governor and the Legislature left as many questions unanswered as they decided.
  • The Federal government has refused to legitimize recreational marijuana in spite of several states that have passed laws legalizing it. How will dispensaries bank the proceeds from their sales and where will all that cash end up? 
  • We still haven’t decided whether recreational marijuana is simply a pleasant experience or an opioid—contributing to an epidemic that has paralyzed a good portion of America. While the potential tax revenues sound great, do they come at the expense of the American people?
  • Have police departments across Nevada decided how they will react when they make a traffic stop, walk up to the vehicle, and find the driver puffing away on a joint? Do they have metrics in place for measuring DUD (“driving under drugs”

We’ll find out on July 1, 2017—won’t we?

Dan Schwartz
Nevada State Treasurer
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