Political games hurt Nevadans—I won’t play!

Fellow Nevadans,

Making friends in the Legislature isn’t something I set out to do when I ran for Nevada State Treasurer in 2014. I ran for Treasurer because I knew that more could be done to improve the finances of Nevada residents and the state itself.

Time and time again, I have pushed State politicians to improve the financial policies impacting you and your families, but every single time, they have pushed back. I have spoken up when I believed the State was using taxpayer money irresponsibly (See: Faraday Future and Raiders Stadium), and when I knew there were more efficient ways of operating our government.

In doing these things, I was told that I was overreaching and overstepping the authority granted to the position of State Treasurer. Truthfully, Nevada has never had a Treasurer operate at full capacity. As the Legislature restricts the responsibilities of this office at every opportunity, this has become clear to me.

If improving your life comes at the cost of making political enemies, so be it. I am working for Nevadans like you and your families—not the Legislature, and certainly not for politicians who refuse to put previous disagreements aside.

Dan Schwartz
Nevada State Treasurer


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