Nevada’s Own SNL skit

Fellow Nevadans,

Recent newspaper stories reporting that Faraday Future is “seeking to raise $1 billion” to fund its proposed electric automobile plant suggests a Saturday Night Live skit:for a company whose financing comes from highly questionable fund raising sources in China; is way behind in paying its bills (if it ever does); and has done little but move sand around on its North Las Vegas site for the past 18 months, Nevadans would do well to ask themselves a question: where is actor Alex Baldwin when we really need him?

Could this be the final nail in the coffin for a company that never should have been given over $300 million in tax breaks and state-backed funding during a special session in December 2015. I have no problem encouraging projects that create jobs in Nevada, but this travesty promises to be an experience that will not end well for all concerned.

The Governor and I have asked for a performance audit of GOED, which apparently will be delivered this December. Come early—seating is limited.

Dan Schwartz
Nevada State Treasurer

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