Nevada taxpayers get rolled—again!

Fellow Nevadans, 

Once again, the Nevada taxpayer has been lured into a dark alley. And the prospects of his (or her) emerging intact don’t look good. A recent news article reports that, contrary to what Nevadans have been led to believe, the stadium’s total costs are merely an estimate, not including costs overruns; and, not including the project’s impact on the $1 billion state infrastructure budget.

Moreover, Stadium Authority Board Chairman and GOED Director Steve Hill, admits, “a big part of the information that the board will get will be confidential.” And, “the Raiders’ financial situation is not going to be a public document.” Given that Mr. Hill has no plans to tell Nevadans what the Stadium’s real costs are or reveal details of the financing, we have to ask ourselves a question: Really? Haven’t we seen this picture before—Faraday Future?? 

And, as Faraday Future moves to a month-to-month lease on its space in North Las Vegas City Hall and the unfulfilled promises pile up, haven’t we seen enough?

Time to call 9-1-1. And, to take a long, hard look at Nevada’s financial management.


Dan Schwartz

Nevada State Treasurer

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