Home Means Nevada, Home Means Lands We Don’t Even Own!

Fellow Nevadans,

Our great state is ranked 7th largest in square mileage, coming in at roughly 110,560 square miles. With that ranking comes another “achievement” albeit one we probably shouldn’t boast about. We have the largest percentage of federally owned land in the country.

The federal government is in charge of 87% of Nevada’s land. They have ultimate control over these lands and even though your taxes fund their programs, you have very little say in their allocation, management or conservation techniques. Fair? I think not.

Current legislation makes the transfer of federally owned land incredibly difficult and time consuming. There have been many attempts to re-allocate land to the state, for development of state parks, recreational areas, public areas, or state managed conservation areas—most to no avail.

The public must be allowed to influence governance on these lands, or they can’t truly be called “public lands”. If the BLM is unwilling to repatriate this land when and where it is needed, we must call on our Legislators to help us reclaim it.


Nevada State Treasurer

Dan Schwartz

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