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Dan Schwartz was elected Nevada State Treasurer in 2014. As a Constitutional officer, he has shown that effective government does not have to be complicated. Building on over 35 years of financial and business experience, he has demonstrated that hard work, focus, competence and concern for others deliver successful results.

As treasurer, he has served as a voice for Nevadans and their children through basic programs like Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and College Savings that foster a culture of education in our state. He has simplified the process of Unclaimed Property by making the search easier, cutting paperwork, and reducing the time it takes for Nevadans to receive their money. Under Dan’s leadership, the State Treasurer’s Office has questioned several state-backed projects that failed to fulfill their financial promises.  He and his staff have more than doubled returns to Nevada’s taxpayers on the state’s investments.

Dan worked as an investment banker on Wall Street as well as an entrepreneur who founded several businesses, before he was elected Treasurer.  He learned that effectively completing a deal or running a company was simply built on its participants’ integrity and willingness to share the benefits.

Dan found an interest in financial publishing during his time on Wall Street and he later purchased the Asian Venture Capital Journal (AVCJ) in 1993. Under Dan, the AVCJ became a globally recognized source of information on private equity and venture capital. By becoming one of the first electronically distributed online journals, Dan was able to simplify AVCJ’s operations and ensure that the Journal’s readers effectively received the material in a timely manner.

Dan holds an A.B. from Princeton (1972), a J.D. from Boston University (1981), and an MBA from Columbia (1978).  He is also a member of the Illinois bar.

After completing college in 1972, Dan felt that he shared a duty with his fellow citizens to serve, and he enlisted in the United States Army. He completed Advanced Infantry Training (AIT), and then was stationed in Germany, where he served on the front lines of the Cold War for two years.

Dan is the founder of Qiosk.com, one of the first online news aggregators and
distributors.  Dan has also authored two books, The Future of Finance: How Private Equity and Venture Capital Will Shape the Global Economy (published by John Wiley) and Principles of the American Republic (published by Sturdy Oak Press).

Dan has two grown daughters and splits his time between Las Vegas and Carson City with his wife, Yanan.

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