2018 Elections

Fellow Nevadans,

With all the talk about who’s running for what in 2018, I want to reassure you that my focus is on this legislative session and doing the job you elected me to do. That includes increasing returns on the State’s money, fighting for ESAs, protecting Nevada taxpayers against pie-in-the-sky projects; strengthening college savings, and improving the unclaimed property process.

All too many politicians have set their sights on fundraising for their next campaign rather than earning your trust at home. Good politics must translate into good policy in Nevada. For the last few months of session, I will continue to present and argue for my office budgets; fight for bills like Senate Bill 10 and Senate Bill 76 that ensure your money and the state’s money are being handled effectively; help Nevada families save for college and improve your child’s education through ESAs.

The 2018 elections are still a long way away. For my part, I won’t consider running until the 2017 Legislative session is over and there’s polling that supports my candidacy.

When I was elected, I promised that I would put Nevadans first, a promise that I believe I have kept. Today, I will continue to keep this promise to lead our state and fight for Simple. Effective. Government. as your Nevada State Treasurer.


Dan Schwartz

Nevada State Treasurer

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